Frequently asekd questions


What is a FlipEco e-publication?

FlipEco e-publication is fast-to-load web version of your print media.

How do I get one?

The publication is created from a PDF-file. Other formats, such as doc, txt or jpg need to be converted into PDF first.

I want to have my PDF material turned into a FlipEco e-publication. What kind of requirements are there?

We recommend using RGB color space and having at least a 150 DPI resolution in the PDF source material for good results.

Where are the publications hosted?

All publications are hosted on cloud servers owned and managed by Damex Multimedia Oy in Finland and thus do not increase load on the customer's own web services.

We provide you with an URL to which you can create a hyperlink on your own web pages..

How can one browse a FlipEco e-publication?

In the Adobe Flash version, pages can be flipped by grabbing or clikcing the corners of the pages with a pointer device such as the mouse. The publications also include on-screen arrow buttons and support the arrow buttons on your keyboard for flipping between pages.

Pages can be zoomed in and out by clikcing them. Touch gestures and mouse wheel are supported in the HTML5 version.

What restrictions are there in the free trial version?

The free trial version includes all available features so that you can really try it out before purchasing.


Can I get my publication updated if I need changes to a certain pages?

Single pages can be updated on request. It is, however, usually advisable to send us an updated version of the whole PDF file. Contact us and we'll present you with your options.

Does FlipEco support hyperlinks?

Yes. Links in your PDF, whether they're URL's for the web or links between the publication pages, are detected and preserved in a FlipEco e-publication. Visually overlapping links and links that exceed the cutting boundaries of the PDF may cause issues and should be avoided.

How can one search for content?

A FlipEco e-publication can be equipped with a table-of-contents dropdown menu with shortcuts to specific pages. The dropdown menu is always present in the user inteface.

A custom word search feature can also be used to find occurrences of words or partial words on the publication's pages.